The Durstig Games



Looking for something fun and different?  Well, look no further.  The Athenaeum is hosting Indianapolis’s Durstig Games (formally Beer Games) at this year’s Original & Fabulous GermanFest.

– Each team will consist of 5 members (same-sex and coed both welcome).
– All members must be 21 or older to enter on a team.
– A team name is required and dressing up is encouraged!

October 14, 2017 games begin at 2:00pm!

To secure your team’s chance to win, register for the event!

So don’t delay.  And tell everyone you know, “Meet me at the A on October 14, 2017!”


Beer Stein Holding:
Each competitor will be given 2 full steins. At the judge’s signal, contestants will lift their steins and hold them straight out at shoulder height. The competitor who is able to remain with his/her steins held in the same position the longest will win his/her heat.

 Cow Toss:
After the 4 team members have been blindfolded, everyone will toast to their success with beer. After they have finished their toast, the blindfolded members will each take one of the Cow’s legs. The Sighter’s job is to direct them so that when they toss the the Cow, they knock down as many of the jugs as possible.

Beer Stein Relay:
When the start signal is given, Runner 1 from each team can gather a total of 12 steins provided he/she can hold them which he/she will carry to a table at the opposite end of the course. Runner 1 will place his/her steins on the table and tap Runner 2 on his/her own team. This will continue with each runner until all runners have carried the steins.Runner 5 will pick up as many of the steins as he/she can hold and will carry them back to the opposite end of the course to cross the finish line.

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