A VOLKSMARCH: A Volksmarch is literally a “folk’s walk” or walk for the people.  This form of exercise allowed a person to participate at their own pace with family and friends over a marked course of usually 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).


Date                     Saturday, October 13th 2018
Location            Chase Indy Near Eastside Legacy Center
727 N. Oriental Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Start Time       10AM to noon
Finish Time    3PM

REGISTRATION AND FEES: The event is open to all and everyone is welcome.  Awards will be available with IVV credit for a nominal fee.  The fee for IVV credit only is $3.00.  There will be no refund for any reason.

AWARD and IVV Credit: The event counts towards the acquisition of IVV achievement awards.  IVV record books will be available for purchase at the event.  IVV Credit may only be entered into IVV Event or Distance Books.  Participants will also qualify for several special program books depicted on the front page.

PROCEDURE: This event is open to all.  At the  START point, each walker must obtain a start card and have it stamped at each checkpoint.  Upon completion all walkers must turn the start card in at the FINISH table.  Those who pay the appropropriate fee will get the award and/or IVV credit.

CONDITIONS: This event will be held rain or shine.  Children under 12 must be with an adult.  Pets must be kept on a leash and under control.  Pets are not allowed inside any building.  Bring and use a “pooper scooper”.

REFRESHMENT: Water will be available at the START/FINISH and checkpoints.  Restrooms are available at the START/FINISH and at several locations along the trail.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: There are two trails that wander a 5K neighborhood and 6K downtown loop.  The historic neighborhoods include Woodruff Place and Cottage Home.  The downtown loops wanders along Massachusetts Avenue entertainment area to the Athenaeum and back passing through some interesting sights. NOTE: The start point closes its gates at 6PM, so if you intend to stay late at GermanFest, please move your car and park on nearby streets.  The trail is suitable for strollers, wagons and wheelchairs.  A special needs trail will be available upon request.  This trail rated 1A and will be over level terrain.  There is a year round event nearby at White River State Park which you may do before or after this walk.

DISCLAIMER: The sponsors of this walk cannot be held responsible for accidents, thefts, material damage and/or injury.  Every reasonable effort will be made to make the event safe and enjoyable.  All participants are cautioned to take care and restrain pets and children.  It is requested that participants keep the trail free from papers and other debris.  By registering for this event, the participant agrees to these conditions.

INFORMATION: For additional information contact Lance Ratliff at 317-638-1320 (lanceratliff@hotmail.com), Pat Griffin at 317-638-1320 (patriciasgriffin@hotmail.com) or Cliff Terry at 317-776-1848 (cliffterry@sbcglobal.net).  You may contact us by mail by enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope to Indy “G” Walkers, P.O. Box 269001, Indianapolis, IN 46226

Enjoy the Athenaeum’s GermanFest  after the walk.  Some of the activities include: German music, dancing, food and beer, a yodeling contest, wiener dog races, large kids area, competitive drinking games and a wight lifting contest.  For more information, go to the event website here. Tickets can be purchased on the website or the day of event.

The Indy “G” Walkers have eight year round events (YREs):
Eagle Creek Park
White River State Park
Crown Hill Cemetery
Soho Cafe & Gallery, Carmel (walk & bike)
Riverview Hospital, Noblesville
Kokomo- Howard Co. Library, Kokomo
Endurance House, Zionsville

Come join us for our remaining 2018 events
Friday, November 23rd     Butler U/Indianapolis Museum of Art
Saturday, December 9th     Indy Christmas event-TBD