Dark Times: A Musical

Joseph Amos: Dark Times
A Musical

WHERE: Basile Theatre at the Historic Athenaeum

WHEN: Friday, February 22nd 7pm

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Joseph doesn’t trust anyone, especially not preachers.  He sees them as his fellow coworkers.  The only difference- preachers pimp souls; Joseph pimps women.  With a deep-rooted loathing for his mother, it’s no wonder he’s a hardened pimp who is quick with a back hand or belt.  But he is vulnerable- Sophia knows this.  She also knows that he loves her; he just has a psychotic way of showing it.

As Sophia’s faith grows, so does Joseph’s disdain for it.  He beats her for praying and forbids her from bringing any Christian items into his home.  He absolutely detests anything related to religion; but when situations arise where faith is needed, will he embrace it to make it through?  Or will he continue his journey into the abyss of darkness with vengeance reigning on the throne of his heart?