First Friday: Remember

Febraury ArtSpace

WHERE: Athenaeum ArtSpace

WHEN: February 2, 2018 6pm-9pm

“Remember” is the senior thesis work of Nancy Hoogerwerf. This series is inspired by a strong blue-collar upbringing view of American history along with a long family history of military service. The central image in this series is the American flag. The flag is used to show that as a symbol it can mean different things to Americans while uniting us as a whole. Nancy uses multiple layers combining different print techniques along with hand finishing to bring visual depth to the imagery. Text is included in order to provoke conversation about history and the world we live in.

“Remember” focuses on Americana and the artists thoughts on immigration, the flag and The U.S. military from a simple, idealistic viewpoint. The hope is to encourage conversations on finding unity again as a country while not forgetting our history…all of our history, the good and the unpleasant.