Overnight Ghost Hunt

Overnight Ghost Hunt at the Historic Athenaeum

WHERE: The Athenaeum

WHEN: Saturday April 10th, 2021 11pm-4am

Have you ever wanted to go on a paranormal investigation? Go on a Ghost Hunt? For one night only, you can at the Athenaeum building - the building that also contains the Rathskeller restaurant!

The Athenaeum Foundation and unseenpress.com, Inc. bring you this exclusive event. Your donation will help the Athenaeum Foundation with the continued upkeep of this gorgeous treasure!

Experience the ghosts of the historic Athenaeum and investigate one of the most haunted buildings in Indiana! Some of the locations include the autopsy suite, the theatre, backstage and upstairs, and much more! Please do not just RSVP here or on the event. Tickets must be purchased in advance through the ticket link in the event. :)

Just remember- this is not a teaching moment. It is an interactive investigation. It is not a TOUR either.

Bring your own equipment (it will not be provided). Also bring your mask, masks will need to be worn. Cameras, video, digital voice recorders, automatic writing, dowsing rods, pendulums, etc. We will share some of our experiences and past investigations experiences and share throughout the night what happens and towards the end to wrap up.

A very exciting addition to this event is that Lorenda Carr will be offering tarot readings! Lorenda is offering special rates of $15 for a 10 minute time slot and $20 for 20 minutes, or 2-card readings (for walk-ups only) for just $5! In addition, anyone who does a reading with Lorenda the night of the ghost hunt will also receive a 20% discount for a full 1-hour reading at a later date! We are thrilled that Lorenda is joining this event and can’t wait to do our own readings with her!

Participants must be 16 years of age or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Investigation includes exclusive access to 13-14 haunted areas and a brief history of the amazing building.

ONLY 50 TICKETS AVAILABLE PER EVENT! Minimum of 25 spots booked for it to be a go.