September First Friday

September First
Joy Hernandez Presents: TL;DR

WHERE: Athenaeum ArtSpace

WHEN: Friday, September 1st, 2017 6pm-9pm

“Fifteen years ago, I drew political cartoons,” says Hernandez. “And, now, we want our news immediate and succinct. With all that’s going on right now, I wanted to return to place, that delivery of message in just one image. ‘TL;DR’ means ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read.’ No one wants to read long-form and get all the information they could out of such an article, so I’m trying to pack what I want to say into each piece, while still leaving it open for viewers to add their own story.”

Joy Hernandez is the founder of Full Circle Nine Gallery, and has been showing her art around Indianapolis and Muncie since 2010. Originally from Kewanee, Illinois, she attended the Institute of Art in Chicago, studying animation, before transferring to the University of Indianapolis to major in Communication, especially news photography and electronic media. While there, she was the Editor-In-Chief and Photo Editor of the newspaper,The Reflector, and often contributed award-winning political cartoons. She has spent the past decade working in her media career in Indianapolis while being involved in the local arts community, and is currently serving as the president of IDADA, the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to work for Disney,” Hernandez said, “and that cartoon feel never really left me. It’s in that form that I feel most comfortable creating—coming up with characters to help express the point of each piece. It adds a fun appearance to my work, even if the topic may be a little heavy, and it even helps to bring to life even the most mundane moments, those little things that make us nervous, that we can relate to.” Hernandez creates her work by mixing aerosol and acrylic paint with a stenciling technique, using fades of bright colors and thick black lines, with sometimes simple compositions, to touch on trends or topics that interest her, such as robots and science fiction or television and broadcasting. Having split her childhood between rural and city environments, she’s currently also exploring using the urban stylings of aerosol and stencils to express natural, farming, or other outdoor settings.