Athenaeum Reopening Plans And Procedures

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Updated 6/8/2021

In compliance with state and local officials, the Athenaeum will abide by the updated guidelines set forth by the city county council and will no longer require, but continue to encourage, masks inside or outside in the common areas of the Athenaeum. Each of our tenants gets to make their own policies based on what’s best for them and their employees within their spaces. We encourage everyone to bring a mask when you are visiting the Athenaeum, as certain businesses and events will ease out of the mask requirements more slowly and may ask that you wear a mask when visiting their business. We ask that you respect that request, otherwise you will be asked to leave in accordance with our building code of conduct, We also encourage people who aren’t vaccinated and anyone else who wishes to wear a mask to do so for as long as they like.

We look forward to seeing you here at the Athenaeum soon!


We are very excited to see you all again but we are planning on opening up the Athenaeum very slowly with everyone’s health and safety in mind. As our tenants begin to reopen in accordance with the State of Indiana’s Executive Order, the Athenaeum has created a reopening plan that outlines all the precautions we have taken and are integrating into our daily operation to better serve you. Listed below are the steps we have implemented for the health and safety of our staff, tenants and you, our guests:

Preemptive Employee Screening

Our employees will be required to screen themselves at home prior to coming to work. If they have a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees or exhibit flu-like symptoms (e.g., cough, body aches), they will be required to stay home. Additionally, those exposed to COVID-19 will be required to quarantine at home until they are symptom free for at least 72 hours and satisfy other CDC requirements prior to returning to work. All employees that fail the CDC-compliant health screening will be asked to return home. 

Employee Safety Protections 

Our employees will be trained in CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines, wear protective face masks/coverings while in the building and be encouraged to frequently wash or otherwise sanitize their hands throughout the workday. They also will be instructed to maintain 6 feet of distance from co-workers and guests whenever possible.

Promotion of Social Distancing 

Several steps will be taken to encourage social distancing in our building:

  • Occupancy Limitations and Monitoring. We will utilize existing traffic information for our building to ensure that overall occupancy does not exceed a targeted level set by state or local authorities. As needed, we will restrict the number of open entrances to the property while complying with local fire code requirements, and have queueing protocols in place to manage traffic. Each of our tenants will be responsible for managing to targets set for their leased spaces.
  • Proactive Encouragement of Social Distancing Guidelines. Our employees will actively remind and encourage visitors to maintain the proper distance from fellow visitors and workers, and refrain from congregating in groups. Tenants should do the same within their leased spaces
  • Furniture Redeployment to Support Social Distancing. Common space seating will be limited and spaced in a way to encourage social distancing. During Coat Check Coffee operating hours, will also be adding more outdoor seating in front of the building and in the pocket park.
  • Coordinated Traffic Flow. Directional signage and floor decals will be utilized on the property to encourage better traffic flow, including at entrances and throughout the common areas.
  • Restroom Spacing. In restrooms, every other sink, urinal, and stall will be taped off to encourage the proper spacing between individuals.
  • Deployment of Traffic Flow Signage and Social Distancing Markers. We will utilize directional signage and dividers to separate guests entering and exiting the property. We will also deploy social distancing markers where needed to manage queues to maintain 6 feet of spacing.

Enhanced Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Each night, the common area of the property will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected using products that meet or exceed CDC guidelines. Additionally, during operating hours, we will regularly sanitize and disinfect high touchpoint areas, including restrooms, seating areas, stair handrails, trash bins, door knobs and handles, common space tables and chairs, etc. Each tenant will perform the appropriate cleaning of their space.

Visitor Safeguards 

In addition to the measures outlined above, we are also implementing the following steps with respect to all building guests:

  • Health Pre-Visit Checks. All our building visitors are encouraged to monitor your temperature and perform health checks prior to visiting the Athenaeum. Please refrain from visiting if you exhibit any flu-like symptoms. Anyone exposed to COVID-19 will be expected to remain in quarantine until they are symptom-free for at least 72 hours and satisfy other CDC requirements.
  • Individual Personal Protection. All building visitors are asked to wear masks or facial coverings while in the Athenaeum common space, including the elevator. Once you have moved through the common space and arrived at your desired destination, within the building, you can adhere to policies put in place by the tenant you are visiting.  We also encourage you to frequently wash or otherwise sanitize your hands, and we will make available sanitizing stations throughout the building.

As conditions change, we will keep everyone informed via our website and social media channels.