Grab your best drinking buddies for some friendly, booze-themed competition!

• Games begin at 2:00pm
• Each team will consist of 5 members
• All members must be 21 or older to enter on a team
• $150.00 per team – entry fee includes admission into GermanFest for the entire team (a $75 value)
• A team name is required and dressing up is encouraged!

2021 Games


Each competitor will be given 2 full steins. At the judge’s signal, contestants will lift their steins and hold them straight out at shoulder height. Keep your elbows straight! The competitor who is able to remain with their steins held in the same position the longest will win their heat.


When the start signal is given, Runner 1 from each team will hold six full steins in each hand (you should try this at home!) and will carry them (careful not to spill!) to the opposite end of the course…and then back again. Runner 1 will place their steins on the table and tap Runner 2 on their own team. This continues with each runner until all runners have carried the steins. The first team whose final runner crosses the finish line gets extra points, but you’ll get points for the amount of beer remaining in the steins at the end of the relay.


Pin setters will arbitrarily place pins within the play area. Four team members will be blindfolded and one team member will act as the Sighter. The blindfolded members will each take one of the cow’s legs, and the Sighter’s job is to direct the blindfolded team members so that when they toss the cow, they knock down as many milk jugs as possible. Three attempts will be given!


Think cow toss, but with kegs. We’ll let you leave the blindfold off for this one. And don’t worry, the kegs are empty.