Here's where you'll find the info and forms you need to:

  • register your little wiener dog for the big race

  • put your 21+ team in the running for the always-epic Durstig Games

  • secure your muscle-bound spot in the Steinheben Strongman Competition

  • volunteer for all kinds of awesome roles that help GermanFest rock year after year

  • deadline for advance sign up for wiener dog races, Durstig Games and Steinheben is October 10, 2018


Wiener Dog Races


Register your dog online HERE: $25

The wiener dog races are always a crowd favorite!

Advance $25 registration gets you 1 ticket into GermanFest. Registration closes 10/10/18, you may sign up day of but will also need to purchase a ticket in to the event. By registering, all participants agree that they have read and agreed to the official rules and waiver.

The Race

This fun and friendly race (45-foot distance) is for dachshunds only. Enter your pup to compete for prizes!

The Wiener Dog Races will be run in 4 open heats on the hour. Heats consist of 2 to 4 races per heat (6 dogs per race, 18 dogs total per heat.) The winners of each race will race off to determine the winner of each heat.

All Racing Dogs Receive

  • Entry to GermanFest
  • All access pass to the Racers’ Paddock for R&R for our racers (tented area, water and treats provided)
  • Treat bags with goodies from our sponsors! 

The Races

The Weiner Dog Races will be run in 4 open heats based upon registration. Each heat will consist of races of up to 6 dogs per race and 18 dogs per heat; the winners of each race will go on to a final race to determine the winner and runner-up of each heat.

Race start times: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00

The race will start with all dogs in position inside the starting gate. It is recommended that all dogs have 2 people to race: 1 as a releaser and 1 as a catcher. A tip for catchers: The closer a catcher is to the finish line, the more likely the dog will slow down before the finish line. Remember to stay back from the lines! Each dog is assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

The race track is approximately 10×45 feet. Handlers may use treats, toys, balls or stuffed animals to entice their dogs to the finish line.

Racers may choose to wait for their race in the Racers' Paddock, a tented area of relative quiet and rest for the dogs.

The Rules

• Absolutely NO mishandling or physical abuse of the dogs will be tolerated. No exceptions.

• Only dachshunds are permitted to enter the race. 

• All dogs must be at least 6 months of age or older. This is for the safety and health of the other dogs.

• Please keep your dog leashed or otherwise contained (carrier) when not racing.

• Judges are a pre-determined group of volunteers. No arguing with judges will be allowed.

• DO NOT leave dogs in your car. Event staff reserves the right to involve the proper authorities if an animal is deemed “at risk”.

• All dogs must be current on DHPP, rabies and (suggested) Bordatella vaccines. Parvo and Kennel cough are highly contagious to young and older dogs and can even affect a seemingly healthy dog on occasion. Racers will be required to furnish proof of current vaccines (receipt or certification from veterinarian).

• Participants agree to allow video/photo and any and all media publication of themselves and dogs by Athenaeum staff and representatives.

• Please use the provided dog “doodie” bags (or your own) and specific trash receptacle to clean up after your dog.

Any misconduct or failure to adhere to race rules will result in immediate disqualification with no refund.

Winning Dogs receive prizes!

Additional goodies provided by: 
Pet People
Mass Ave Animal Clinic
Three Dog Bakery


The Durstig Games


Register your team online HERE: $150

Looking for something fun and different to do with your friends? Get your 21+ team together for friendly, booze-themed competition at the Durstig Games (formerly Beer Games) at GermanFest.

  • October 13, 2018 games begin at 2:00pm
  • $150.00 fee per team
  • Each team will consist of 5 members (genders don't matter)
  • All members must be 21 or older to enter on a team
  • A team name is required and dressing up is encouraged

Entry fee includes one ticket for each team member in to GermanFest and 2 beers each!  Plus the opportunity to win some pretty great prizes.

Beer Stein Holding

Each competitor will be given 2 full steins. At the judge’s signal, contestants will lift their steins and hold them straight out at shoulder height. The competitor who is able to remain with their steins held in the same position the longest will win their heat.

Cow Toss

After the 4 team members have been blindfolded, everyone will toast to their success with beer. After they have finished their toast, the blindfolded members will each take one of the Cow’s legs. The Sighter’s job is to direct them so that when they toss the the Cow, they knock down as many of the jugs as possible.

Beer Stein Relay

When the start signal is given, Runner 1 from each team can gather a total of 12 steins provided they can hold them which they will carry to a table at the opposite end of the course. Runner 1 will place their steins on the table and tap Runner 2 on their own team. This will continue with each runner until all runners have carried the steins. Runner 5 will pick up as many of the steins as they can hold and will carry them back to the opposite end of the course to cross the finish line.

Steinheben Competition


Register for Steinheben Lift only HERE: $25

Calling all strong men and women! Think you’ve got muscle? Want to put it to the test? The Athenaeum Foundation is pleased to present a traditional bavarian stone lift competition!

  • Registration will close on 10/10/18
  • Pre-registration includes admission into GermanFest and an exclusive Steinheben t-shirt!
  • You may register the day of the event but will also have to purchase a ticket in to the event
  • Lifting begins at 3:00pm
  • Competition is for competitive and amateur lifters 

This traditional Bavarian Stone Lift (Steinheben) Competition will let you show off your mettle! 

Deadlift Style Competition

Sponsored by Kemna Restoration and Construction, Inc. 


Sign up to volunteer HERE

All volunteers get a free GermanFest ticket, including free parking nearby! 

You can help make this amazing annual fundraising event great for everyone!

Available positions include:

  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Friday Setup
  • Ticketing Booth
  • Saturday Setup
  • Wiener Dog Race
  • Strongman Competition
  • Durstig Games
  • Beer Server
  • Keep GermanFest Beautiful
  • Cleanup