Trade School Indy Partnership Announced

Trade School Indy Partnership Announced
Brittany West Cassie Stockamp
Co-founder, Trade School Indianapolis President, The Athenaeum Foundation
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Trade School Indianapolis, the barter-based school that offers classes to the public in exchange for goods or services rather than money, had been on the brink of closing in 2015 due to funding. Started by two women a few years ago, hundreds of hours have been spent organizing this volunteer-based school where over 2,000 people in Indianapolis have been able to take and teach classes.

Ready to take this concept of education to the next level, Trade School Indianapolis reached out to the community for support in both the form of volunteers and monetary contributions. With the campaign ending this week, the support has been overwhelmingly positive, and to top it all off, The Athenaeum Foundation has agreed to work with Trade School Indianapolis as their fiscal sponsor.

“We have never received consistent financial support and with a growing organization, that raised some concern with how we could keep it sustainable. Having The Athenaeum Foundation join as our fiscal sponsor opens several doors, including the opportunity to apply for grants, receive tax-deductible donations and not to mention partner with one of the most beloved organizations in Indianapolis,” says Trade School Indy co-founder Brittany West.

The school will reopen in 2015 with promises to offer classes focusing on continued learning, planning series and theme-based classes rather than single, one-day workshops. As part of their new Teaching Fellowship model, Trade School Indianapolis will spend the rest of 2014 working with their teachers and volunteers to plan classes beginning in February of next year.

When asked why they chose to partner with Trade School Indianapolis, President of The Athenaeum Foundation, Cassie Stockamp, noted, “German ancestry had much to do with the actual trade schools you see today. Trade School Indy is very much a modern take on this traditional idea that has been honored for years. We fully support this educational model.”

To support Trade School by teaching classes or paying for a membership, it’s not too late to get involved! Information sessions will be hosted at the Chase Legacy Center in late November and again in early December. For more information on how to get involved please visit





The Athenaeum, formerly known as the Das Deutsche Haus, is a historic German-American landmark that advances the “sound mind in a sound body” values of its founders through programming that lifts spirits and engages diverse communities. Built in 1894, it serves as a community center for many cultural, business and nonprofit groups including the YMCA, Young Actors Theatre and Rathskeller restaurant. The Athenaeum is listed three times in the National Register of Historic Places, for architecture and historical significance, as part of the Massachusetts Avenue Commercial District and as being within the Lockerbie Square historic district. In 2010, the Biergarten was voted the No. 1 music venue in the city by NUVO magazine, and the Rathskeller was named the No. 1 bar by Metromix. The Athenaeum Foundation Inc. was established in 1991 and is a 501(c)3 organization.